The Newman Center for the Performing Arts is located at the southwest corner of East Iliff Avenue & South University Boulevard; approximately 1 mile south of the University Boulevard exit off Interstate 25Click here for google map.

The Newman Center parking garage is located 1 block south of the Newman Center (University & Wesley.)   Unless otherwise noted, parking is $8 CASH ONLY.  Upon payment, a parking attendant will provide you with a permit to display permit on your dashboard.

In the event the Newman Center parking garage reaches capacity you will be directed to a designated overflow lot.  A parking attendant will be at the overflow lot to collect $8 CASH ONLY, and provide you with a permit, to display permit on your dashboard.

PLEASE NOTE:  Parking on the University of Denver campus requires payment or a parking permit 24 hours a day.

Non Event / Other parking on University of Denver Campus

There is a 20 minute loading zone located directly in front of the Newman Center on East Ilff Avenue that may be used when visiting our Box Office.

If you are visiting the University of Denver or the Newman Center and there is not an event going on, click here to learn about additional public and visitors lots nearby.



Parking on the street in the DU area is generally limited to one-hour (without a resident permit) and this limit is strictly enforced by the Denver Police Department.  Street parking not limited to one hour is generally over 4 or 5 block distant from the DU campus perimeter.

Seating & access

The Newman Center for the Performing Arts is fully accessible to patrons in wheelchairs and to those with other special needs. To request assistance, please call the Box Office at (303) 871-7720.

Venue Floor Plans & Seating Maps

DU Mask Policy

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, masks which conceal the face may not be worn while in attendance at any University of Denver event. This policy shall not apply to: covering any part of the face for religious reasons; wearing protective equipment while engaged in a sport or responding to an emergency or safety situation; engaging in a theatrical production or similar University sanctioned event; or wearing a mask for medical reasons. Please refer to the University Policy on Wearing Masks on University Premises for other exceptions to this policy or to request additional policy exceptions. Signs, banners, large hats, costumes, and similar items must not impair the view of other guests, and must be sized so that they will not interfere with any other guest’s seating area.