2015-2016 Season

17 Oct 2015

Vertigo Dance Company


Saturday | Oct 17, 2015 | 7:30 p.m.


Co-Presented with the Mizel Arts and Culture Center at the JCC

Vertigo Dance from Israel, founded in 1992 by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al, is dedicated to bringing people together and touching them through the language of the body in motion. Vertigo Dance blends international standards of artistic excellence with a community touch—Noa, her three sisters, and their families founded the Vertigo Eco-Art Village. The Village is home to Vertigo Dance, a School for Earth Building for the use of renewable, local materials and ancient building techniques, workshops and classes in art and practical ecology, a community recycling center offering workshops, an artists’ residence for local and foreign artists, and outreach performances for diverse communities including those with disabilities and special needs. Their goal was to create a family model based on ecological and social principles that can be passed from community to community, even country to country.

The major work on this Colorado premiere by Vertigo Dance is called Reshimo, a Kabbalistic idea suggesting the impression light makes—the afterimage—once one is in darkness. Vertigo calls the work an exploration of the remnants of a vacant space, a journey of the receptive soul, as Reshimo lights the way to a future state. It is set to a hauntingly beautiful musical score by Israeli composer Ran Bagno.

Reshimo draws its inspiration from the Kabbalah . . . Dance . . . certainly can suggest states of mind, moods and temperaments. Choreographer Noa Wertheim conveyed that well, and developed flowing movements with a meditative air that hints at her spiritual sources.”

The Jerusalem Post