10 January 2015


SATURDAY | JAN 10, 2015 | 7:30 PM

Tickets on sale Monday, July 14 at 5:00 AM


La Línea del Sur

From the moment Renaud Garcia-Fons held a double bass in his hands for the first time at age sixteen in Paris, the future of the instrument was destined for change. In a flash of insight, he saw possibilities to use the bass to explore all the music that interested him— classical, jazz, Persian, Indian, Mediterranean, South American, and other forms from the world over. He had to reinvent the way his instrument could be played, adding a fifth string to the high register and innovating bowing and pizzicato techniques. The result is an utterly new sound—an amalgam of double bass, cello, violin, guitar, lute, oud, and more—that exceeds any conventional idea of playing the double bass.

Renaud’s show La Línea del Sur features a quartet made up of Renaud on double bass, Flamenco guitarist Kiko Ruiz, accordionist David Venitucci, and percussionist Pascal Rollando.