Marcus Tardelli Brazilian Guitar

Thurs | Mar 25, 2010 | 7:30 pm

Brazil is “the nation of the guitar,” and Marcus Tardelli has risen quickly to be one of its greatest stars. Composer and guitarist Guinga recognized his genius, saying: “It is like Rubinstein at the piano. There are certain musicians who are beyond mere technical judgment, who have a relationship with the unfathomable. God touched the heart of this boy.” A revolutionary in his playing technique, Tardelli has developed an orchestral approach to his instrument. “I started out self taught,” he says, “playing everything by ear, and I always heard more recordings of orchestras than of guitar. To reproduce the sounds I heard, my hands began to develop a form uncommon in the traditional technique for the instrument.”

The program he has designed for the Newman Center, reflective of his unique approach to playing, includes works by Alexander Scriabin, Guinga, Villa Lobos, Baden Powell, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Claude Debussy.