Cameron Carpenter, Organ

Tickets | Saturday | November 9| 2013 | 7:30 P.M.

A force of nature, this dazzling, maverick 32-year old artist has been called “the most controversial organist alive.” (Dallas Morning News)   Cameron Carpenter’s flamboyant style, dazzling performances, and profound musical intelligence have completely changed the game of his instrument and will transform all preconceptions you may have about organ concerts.  He will play a Rodgers digital organ in Gates Concert Hall.

His repertoire, perhaps the most diverse of any organist, includes the complete organ works of Bach, Franck, and Liszt, but he has also adapted more than 200 works not originally written for the organ, written his original compositions, and collaborated with jazz and pop artists. He is the first organist ever nominated for a GRAMMY® Award for a solo album.

Bringing increased physicality to the organ as a former dancer, his super-virtuosic organ transcriptions of Chopin Études have led to comparisons as diverse as Vladimir Horowitz and Fred Astaire. Cameron’s theatrical style and love of fashion includes concert attire of his own design.